Meech And Mia

 Your new ‘go-to’ makeup brand

Trust US, we understand the struggles in finding a featherweight foundation that is long lasting AND beautiful. And just when you think you have found your match, its always WAY too expensive. Meech and Mia was born out of this struggle, because we understand what you want and need. Whether it’s a smooth and silky eyeliner that proves that looks will kill or a smokey eye to add some sass to your life, we have your back. With a range as broad as ours, you wont have to settle for being only one version of yourself…you can be them all!

So, whether you live for fierce eyes coupled with a bold lip (like Meech) or a sweet look with vibrant lips and cheeks (like Mia), we’ve got just the thing for you.

Meech & Mia